Monday, May 31, 2010

I Know What Movie You Just Watched

This is an amazing "why didn't I think of that" project started by Dutch graphic designer, Christian Annyas.

The Movie Title Stills Collection

Loads of screenshots of movie titles. The fonts used here are amazing. It's also fairly personal to see all of the movies this person watches.





Sunday, May 30, 2010

Heart Type, Ya'll

A big list of type sites (which are lovingly updated often) that I think are rad, inspirational, and informative. Trust me, there are no duds in here.

We Love Typography!

I Love Typography!

For The Love Of Type!

Type Theory!


Daily Type!

Ministry Of Type!


Swiss Legacy!

Typography Served!

Typographic Posters!

Hoefler and Frere-Jones blog!

Typophile forum!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two NIGHT TRAINS Enter, Only One Leaves


It's a tie!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Latest Readin'



Library books
Some of these 'brary books (I'm looking at you Costume Design in the Movies) had copious amounts of pages missing. Ugh.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So I "Watched Hackers Again Soon"

Why Hackers (1995) is still ok to watch:

-Cool sequence where the city grid of NYC turns into computer innards
-Marc Anthony (J.Lo's husband) is in it. I didn't even know he was an actor.
-Penn Jillette is in it. He wears those tiny round sunglasses that are supposedly cool again.
-It's the only movie of Angelina Jolie's where she is really really hot
-There is a computer virus/worm/whatever called The Da Vinci that is going to cause oil spills in the ocean (sort of still relevant - BP situation), point is, an ocean oil leak is still a big deal.
-Nostalgic PVC and tight leather '90s clothing, techno music. Kind of forgot how great this song was:

Why Hackers (1995) is not ok to watch:
-Too much rollerblading
-That guy

-Everybody aggressively key pounding away at computers / laptops that yield fake "Access Granted" and "Denied" prompts in huge fonts that you never see in real life
-It's 70% montage of Tron-like graphics and cameras swirling around people concentrating and typing really really fast - lotsa filler.
-There are LOADS of continuity errors
-Two references to Taxi Driver "Are you talking to me??!" ugh, unnecessary.

Still, this movie is very entertaining, and the clothes are fun, AND it's set in New York in the '90s so there are some scenes where you're like, "I know where that is" and "I remember when that looked like that".

Talking Heads



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Exists, Sadly

Keeping with this weird pet theme...
Thanks, Czech neighbors! I now know that your dog is doing time in pet jail in your living room.

{click for detail}

Took this pic late last night while coming into the building. Actually did a double take.

Personally, I'm holding out for the litter box credenza.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This Just In: A Cat Is Thrilled To Have It's Photo Taken

Here is Fis's belly button.
Go right now and find your cat's b-button. It will make your day.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mold Puppies

As much as I love cats, I've got a real soft spot for mold T-rex puppies.

Sorry, We're Jiggy

This is great. I love these commercially-useless signs. I really love this design company, Aesthetic Apparatus, and have for a while - totally geeked-out on their screen printed concert posters since college. It's delightful knowing they're still out there doing great stuff and are successful at it. INSPIRATIONAL.

Now they have actual hard plastic signs so you're more tempted to maybe kinda use 'em.


From This Time Last Week

Fisby & Me

vintage black and white halftone pattern / snake skin print dress - Ramona West
red paisley fabric and leather belt - Long Island City Goodwill
9 West vintage cream white boots - Kake For Cake

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Words, Less Wasted on this one - LITERALLY! HAR!

A New Wasted Words!
I finally made a real mixed drink (Dark and Stormy) instead of taking swigs of hot tea or melted sorbet and then shots of cheap scotch whiskey! I had the topic too! NEAT! 
Listen Here!

Ariel Pink Punk

I like Ariel Pink's music. And I've liked his stuff for some time (before when I would google his name, nothing came up but a Myspace page and there were maybe two blurry images and I thought it was a girl and not even him - THISMAKESMEBETTERTHANYOU) BUT this interview on Pitchfork makes him sound like that guy from that movie that time. And that makes me wish for the blurry pics days where no one cared to hear his views and were fine with just the music.

I can't remember the plot of this movie. I just recall the guy with braids from Hackers (omg I HAVE to watch Hackers again soon) going off on rants to his rich parents, and other people? maybe? See, I can't even go there anymore. Also, I don't remember any of the females from that trailer. You know, maybe I never finished watching this movie? Whatever, rants, Jews, "the man", "I'm weird and important!", it's all there...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For Real. Time Warp.

Har. Michael Stipe right out of high school. Wonder where that leather jacket is now?

Janelle Jane Fonda Monae

Ha, posting "every day" has turned into "eh, when I get around to it".

Here is a link to the new album to dl for free. It's alright. I like how at the beginning the songs run into each other. I miss listening to an album that is best listened to all the way through.

Anyway, back to Jane Fonda. I hear Barbarella is going to be remade soon. yaaay (sarcasm mark).

Not Doctor Durand Durand, instead, it's the dude from Blowup.

Speaking of, this song always makes me think of being a kid at the beach and getting to hang out with my older sisters when they were teenagers.
And now for all the "sax solo floating on a raft" goodness anyone could ever want...

duran duran rio

Moar from the Rio album! Who knew there was a video that was even more mysterious than the song itself?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scary Logos

These were in fact creepy/scary/bizarre/odd GIVEN THE CONTEXT IN WHICH THEY WERE ORIGINALLY VIEWED. Picture it, Sicily... you're a kid in the 80s, you have just sat through a happy, brightly-colored cartoon or laugh-tracked 70s re-run TV show. Then you're subjected to a mostly black screen and the worst synth bullshit ever. It was frightening, startling, annoying. And it's tattooed on my brain.

I don't remember the Screen Gems one though. And as much as I love the name of this documentary short, The S From Hell, the re-enactments and editing are annoying and I'm not so into it. But kudos to the guy who put it together! I can think of a million things that have annoyed/scared/bothered me and making a documentary short about it all would have been something I would not have followed through with.

Some current "people botherments" for example:
-Guys with blogs overusing intense phrases to describe every concert they go: destroyed, killed, killer, epic
-Girls with blogs referring to their boyfriend/husband as "the boy"
-People who only talk like every sentence is a question. And subsequently how that is worse than overusing the word "like"

What, oh, I like, got distracted? By the boy? I was reading how he saw this epic show at Bob's Basement Sad Sack last night by the band Year Rot on his music blog? Anyway, scary logo documentary short...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Something that is something else

Ariel Pink's Reminiscences = Smooth Jazz Weather Channel Music


I did this Wednesday night

A new Wasted Words podcast is up! I don't remember much about it...something about eating meat. I was drinking whiskey + hot tea. I'm sure it was a fine episode.

If you're reading this, please make a comment at cos that would be nice. Unless the feedback is about how much you hate to hear someone chewing food into a mike. Look, things happen when you make a drunk podcast that is not stuff other people's ears will like. For example, people talking over other people, too much laughing, self realization of unfunniness, no self realization of unfunniness, the amplified mastication of potato chips, 30-somethings whining on top of complaining, but whatever - you don't get these things with other, more professional podcasts and that is why we're here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shower Thought of the Week

I learned all I needed to know about the injustices of the world
through 10,000 Maniacs lyrics.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Must Be The Wrong Age

"Keep a nice, open mind about what the young people go for..."

Magnetic Personality


Old Type, Old Clothes

Jan Tschichold. Die Frau ohne Namen. 1927. {via}

I have a membership to MoMA. I will be heading out to this soon. Speaking of museums, The Met and The Brooklyn Museum both have related vintage fashion exhibitions that are calling my name...

American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity

American High Style: Fashioning a National Collection

Someone left the house, made a gif

This is what I wore the other night. Tempted to post an outfit pic on that flickr pool, but it seems I feel the same about that as I do Bust magazine these days, I can't relate anymore.


thrift store dress from sister, 90s XOXO
gray thin cardigan, UO
gray tights cos it's still 40˚ here at night, H&M
thrift store black ankle boots, 80s no name


Fisby & Me


Look at these neat shoes, I paid under $3 for these. 
They will probably fall apart soon, but that's ok COS THEY COST $2.49.

Doing my best Karen O moves. Yes, I know I could've cropped that straw hat out. 
I could do a lot of things.

Karl Lagerfeld doesn't prefer bourgeois gay dance clubs

Things I googled today: "Buñuel pronounce" and "Tori Amos plastic surgery".

Thanks internet!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

face face face, give me face, beauty face!

Check out these albums I got the other day from a friend.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I love literal stuff. Like those clear bowls or containers that say "SALAD" or "PASTA" on them in Helvetica from the 1970s.

So, of course that love carries over to fashion.

{Slow And Steady Wins the Race via 10/6}


{Kelly Osbourne in Jeremy Scott}


Also, trompe l'oeil is pretty fun too. And on sale!
{via ASOS}

Vintage trompe l'oeil by Elsa Sciaperelli. Not on sale.
{More via Philadelphia Museum of Art}


In order by season, episode by episode, I bring you the critique of the fashion of The Golden Girls. Soon!

{I loved seeing Betty White on SNL last night. Feeling also like a big dummy who told rambling stories that no one wanted to hear, I connected as a kid with Betty's childlike character, Rose. So much so, when my parents moved our family to Alabama I didn't fit in at all and apparently found comfort in pretending that Betty White signed my 2nd grade year book. Also, Mary, open up! It's me, SAAANDRA! from 227 also had to tell me how awesome I was and that things would be ok. —Why "Rose Nylund" didn't sign it, but Sandra did, was totally ok with my 8-year old brain.}

Saturday, May 8, 2010

No Thanks, Dudley Moore

Two of my favorite movies are available on Watch Instantly at Netflix right now. Unfaithfully Yours (1948) - Rex Harrison's acting is fairly annoying, but it can't bring this movie down. I have never laughed so hard, for so long, during that one scene - you know who you are, scene! And Metropolitan (1990) - Chris Eigeman was in that annoying TV show "It's Like, You Know..." but try to forget about that.

Also, here is a list of over 100 Criterion films that are currently available for viewing on Watch Instantly. Instead of going out to see a new movie in a theater that smells like feet for $13, stay in with your cat, bf/gf, and watch something that will improve your quality of life and make your brain love you again.

You Outta Walk Away

New favorite song. If I had a band, we'd sound like this.

Get the comp this song is on - Psychedelic Unknowns Vol 8 - from, obvs, Paradise of Garage Comps by means of a Rapidshare link. {This site has all 11 comps in the series for free. I love you, Internet.}