Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is This A Good Thing?

Pitchfork Unites Blog Collective For New Music Site That Will Instantly Make All The Music I Love Now Easily Available To People Who Make Fun Of Me

As a result, there will be new, other blogs to replace these newly "accepted" blogs. And I will probably end-up having to enjoy those sites instead.

Altered Zones

But maybe this could be a step in helping change the face of mainstream music to be briefly good again? Like in the early 90s? Wait, am I giving Pitchfork too much credit?

I still really enjoy the music these blogs introduce me to, but I am afraid when there is change like this, when something becomes a bit more "accepted" and cool that wasn't before, the lack of quality of music that is reported on and the high amount of ads I have to sit through become the standard. It makes me question who really cares about new music discovery vs money money money.

When it reaches this level, I feel the music lover suffers. They then go looking further underground for authentic, passionate, great music that they won't hear blaring out a convertible SUV going top speed trying to run them over on their bike - Or heard in a commercial for a bike-killing SUV convertible.

I just hope the money and fame the people who run these blogs will be getting as a result of this merger will be putting those spoils to good use and furthering what they're currently doing instead of being sloppy and lazy at bringing good tunes to the underground music lover.

These blogs mean a lot to me when it comes to finding the best in new music that is the soundtrack to my life. And I am lucky to be living in NYC where I can still easily get tickets to see the bands and artists (and their 7inches) these blogs talk about and get to hear them play live - in tiny, intimate venues ;)

Chocolate Bobka
Friendship Bracelet
Gorilla vs Bear
Rose Quarts
Visitation Rites
Weekly TapeDeck

Worried the awesomeness will go away. Hope it's all for the music.

Monday, June 28, 2010



Like it says, Quotes On Design.

Yeah, It Doesn't Creep Me Out At All - Says "Creepy Guy"

Combining fashion and cats. Love it.

I cannot believe how many amazing quotes I can take out of this one clip.
Best part, 1:09 - Persian cat blow dry.

"Smelly Cat means the world to me"

(Thanks to Wade for the link.)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday night.

Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast is awesome for this one tweet alone:


If you like orange cat updates and high ideas and Snooki reposts, this is the twitter to follow. Oh, and her music is rad city.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Collection of Book Covers You Wish You Designed

Dig this site. Can't get enough.

Book Cover Archive


Shoes and Stuff. WANT.

Ok, I love expensive designer shoes, they're great, it's like art for your feet, everyone's happy, good times. BUT I don't have the budget for that. Yet. So I get really excited when I see somewhat affordable shoes from Jeffrey Campbell every now and then. They're fairly comfortable and usually around $100 - as compared to new designer shoes at $800 and up :(. Speaking of, sadly, JC is often ripping-off styles from the runway. It's like, get your own ideas! So, I'm conflicted.

Anyway, Nasty Gal is a pretty reliable place to see new JC stuff, plus they've really grown and it's exciting to see where the shop is heading next. And I like supporting them.

Here are some recent items I'm really liking:

Floral Wedge

Mesh Wedge

Riding Boot

Ok, these are see-through pants. YES.

I LOVE this look. I want it. The styling is perfect.


And this is for Erin, who is an amazing friend and just wrote a cool huge book that has cool illustrations by her cool sister.
-----Every Rose Has Its Thorn: The Rock 'N' Roll Field Guide to Guys-----


Go buy the book, and think of T.I. sometime today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Where Did I Go??

Haven't updated in a while, waiting to get a new camera! yaaaaaaay... then things will resume.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Shop Updateddddddd

New items in the Etsy store. Mostly bags and bag-like items. !!! 
TTTMG! Too Tired To Make Gif.

Dancing in Heaven

This was the most epic thing my third grade mind could come up with of what I could do with a boyfriend, besides singing songs from movie soundtracks* to each other.  Thanks to the neighbors across the street (Leslie, Kelly, and Jennifer Martin) who taped this off Cinemax or whatever, we watched this movie a million times and even recreated various scenes with our Barbies. I was also obsessed with being a lawyer so I made business cards with "Lynn Stone" as my name next to red heart stickers, which is hilarious cos Helen Hunt's character hated her name in the movie. Anyway, I own this soundtrack on vinyl. Found it in a used record shop in Nashville for $1.

*Bachelor Party and Animal House

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Show 72 - I Lost At Conversations

This week's installment of
Wasted Words

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pianer Man

I love the idea of having a clutch with a piano motif - when you hold the bag your fingers are always playing the keys. It's brilliant. Why don't I see more of these around? Even without sequins / beads / glitter. Thought without that glitz, it kind of just looks like you're holding a keyboard notebook.


Obligatory piano tie!


I would love to see a couple out and about with the guy wearing the tie and the woman with the clutch. Or the other way around, whatever you're into...