Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Twilight Of The Cockroaches

Ok, just now I used my camera to badly record something off youtube just so I could post it back on youtube, so you know this has to be awesome and worth it.

This scene is great cos it pops up out of nowhere for comic relief, but it's so out of place and more wth? than funny. Here is the movie in 12 parts.

This and Vampire Hunter D were the first anime cartoons I saw at around age 13 or 14. They both were shown late at night on TBS or WGN and I'd never seen anything like it. Some time later I realized they were part of a genre of animated movies made in Japan - I think I was first calling it "Japanimation" or something. Har. Anyway, a million years later, drawn roaches and live action humans interacting (and of course, talking pewp) is still pretty entertaining to watch. The story is fairly dark and the protagonist is female. How novel! But then it pits female human vs female roach - guess who wins in the end? They both do! Sort of! And there's other weird stuff, like dirty jokes that don't make sense or really go anywhere (maybe cos of the US translation?)

It's Hans! and the god bunny.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Get Away, Run Away, Far Away, How Do I?

Got a green tape and a 7" of South Carolina by Tennis.

Tennis - South Carolina from woodsman man on Vimeo.

Saw Tennis at Glasslands the other night. One of the openers, Magic Bullets, from San Francisco wasn't that great - the singer had a fake British accent, it was not for me. Felt like it was a forced-dance-pop-energy situation. And their set seemed to go on forever. Although they did a pretty good and unexpected cover of the postpunk hit by Altered Images - I Could Be Happy (which I wish I was). Also, I heard Mega Fun by Family Portrait while WAITING IN LINE OUTSIDE TO GET IN FOR 20 MINUTES. It really sucked to miss them.

When I first got to the venue, the line didn't resemble a line, just a bunch of people smoking and meeting up with friends out front in a wod. I ask this guy with his buddy (both smoking) if they were waiting in line, they took their time answering me and when they finally did it was a surly "what it's to you" kind of a Yeah. Ugh. And I think they were wearing ill-fitting fedoras :( Also, this weird girl who was waiting behind me broke in front me at the last minute, but her girl friend didn't when she saw me give her a "wth?? look". Who does that? What's with this entitlement posturing? When I got inside it was an oven - eh, I expected that. But it was so crazy packed, more so than last time I was there. I sat on a long black bench thing under the balcony, but I was behind and next to two different chatterbox girl groups talking very loudly over the music and with their backs to the stage - this is the worst thing that can happen at a good show besides being burned alive inside.

When Tennis was loading their instruments onto the stage, I got up towards the front, but not close enough apparently. The lone guy who was with the largest of the loud-talking girl groups was already up there and "saved" "spaces" for the chatterboxes. They were now right in front of me. And throughout the entire set they "danced" (which is great, dancing is awesome - unless it is also combined with talking during songs, bumping into me, and evil eyes). It was the worst. And there was no where else in the cramped, totally packed, sold-out venue to go.

<a href="http://tennis.bandcamp.com/track/marathon">Marathon by Tennis</a>

Tennis sounded and looked great - their energy and nervousness was real and authentic - it was their first time playing in New York City. Live, their sound reminded me of Velocity Girl and early Go's Go's mixed with a more upbeat, happy Beach House. But the crowd which crowded the overly crowded venue, I could do without. I was very happy to escape the show. Also, the whole experience made me feel ancient - which part of me felt very grateful for ;) if that is what being cool and young is all about - being a dick.

(some nice person filmed this quite nicely in natural light. Wow. And the sound quality is good too. Thanks, jamayphoto.)

In conclusion, I guess one needs bad experiences like this to have a frame of reference to what an all around good show is, like it helps one really REALLY appreciate when all things come together to make something truly special. And this fact will keep me out going to shows even when I'm actually ancient - especially since the live performances I get to see rarely let me down.

This cranky post brought to you by Kranky.

Bought this at a bodega/taco place. It's chocolate covered cereal flakes. Yum?

Also, saw this at Canal while waiting for the train after the show.  Some sort of penis being stabbed by a heart, I'm guessing?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blah, blah, something, something...Fashion

This exhibit at The Met just ended this month, American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity. It was quite beautiful and even if you don't live in New York City, the internet is awesome and lets you check out some of it on youtube:

Loved the surreal wigs.
I think one of my favorite archetypes was "Bohemian" - looked like the dresses on display in the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island.

But I also loved the 1930s Screen Siren dresses, especially this gold lamé one.

And this late '60s gown by Madame Grès (Alix Barton). Jeeeez, the sleeves...

And this more wearable wool piece by Vera Maxwell from 1958 with more "sensible" sleeves, I dig it just as much. I'll never hate gray.

I'll also never hate living in New York City.

SHop ShOp ShoP

Hey neat!
We Are Were's rad vintage shoes were featured on the blog - Evian Etc - by this cool Etsy seller of handmade necklaces and art.


And every day this week more vintage items are being added -
lots of shoes, tops, jewelry, cat stuff, and knick knacks to the We Are Were shop.

The Fear That Never Goes Away

A new WASTED WORDS is up.
This time, for the first time, we were all in the same room (not using Skype) while taping 
(except for RJ who lives in not New York) AAAAND it was the original line-up.
We had rye whiskey, pizza, salad (cos we are adults), chocolate cake that was in the freezer, beer, and two bottles of wine to help make us yell louder and talk over each other while wasting words. Also, next time we do this in the same room, we should each have a topic like in the good ol' days of yesteryear.

Here's more proof:

Friday, August 20, 2010

I Hate You, Too?

Ok, freelance job, what are you trying to tell me here??


Friday, August 6, 2010

Book Shelf Turned Shoe Shelf (for a while anyway...)

Besides this photo featuring...

...a bed hog...

it also features the shelf I originally built to showcase the covers of 60s pulp books. Then I tried hanging vintage shoes on the thin shelf rows. It works! But not for wedges :(



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seven Inches Of Score

Bought some new and used 7 inch records from Permanent Records in Greenpoint a while back.

One of them is featured in my 70s Style & Design book - Ian Dury's "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" with the sleeve illustrated by Barney Bubbles from 1978. He also designed the Nick Lowe "Cracking Up" pink hand with the mouth sleeve.

Also, I really like the Permanent Records square business card.


I already had this one - but just the empty, water-stained sleeve that I found years ago in a book collector's apt that I was helping a friend clean out.

Reasons To Be Cheerful at Amazon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Went For A Walk

vintage silk beige top - thrift store in AL
vintage floral cotton skirt - Ramona West Etsy
vintage fabric woven belt - thrift store in AL
vintage black 80s Coach speedy bag - eBay
black metal cuff - some cheap jewelry store

whenever I see wet cement I make this tag of trademarked comic character eyes - it's completely impossible to trademark such a ubiquitous thing. or it could be boobs, depending on how you look at it. Oh, and I got the shoes from this Etsy seller who also makes and sells her own lotions and skincare products on Etsy too. I highly recommend the non-greasy, wonderfully smelling, and all natural Aloe and Lavender Facial Moisturizer.

detail of OO™ tag.

gorgeous blue Brooklyn sky

lots of dead grass :( bit of a dry spell



these two trees are totally making out!



you know, just chillin' out in an uncomfortable-looking reclining pose, no big deal...

28 Days Later

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tame Impala

Saw Tame Impala back on July 25th at Glasslands at very hot, sweaty, sold out show. Packed. I had an actual seat on a long white bench by the merch table that I got to stand on once they started playing. These are the first indoor pics I took with my new camera in the "low light" setting without the flash, so it's more like the "yellow light" setting. The main guy, Kevin Parker, said to the crowd "you are fiends for living in this humidity". Also I overheard them talking before they began playing the last bit of songs that all ran together - the guitarist asked the drummer something and he responded "it's going to be hard to be tight cos of the sweat." Sounded pretty tight to me. No complaints. Sounded really good live, even in that not-so-great venue. I recorded 4 minutes of "Alter Ego" but the sound came out too distorted on my camera in some parts, not even going to put it up on youtube.

I bought a shirt.

Anyway, I think these guys are in their early 20s, but look younger. Two of them were shirtless. They're from Perth, Australia. Non-boring psych rock with melody and harmonizing dreamy vocals. Works for me. One of the top albums of 2010.

Tame Impala - tameimpala.com - for touring info / buy their albums
Innerspeaker free album download link

Check out the stuffed animal on the amp at the far left. Cute.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Delta Flight from BHM To LGA

I don't fly that much. Expensive. Hassle. So when I do I guess I expect too much.

It's the little things...

broken panel

ripped up seats

scratched windows

Late Summer Fashions Heading To Store Soon


Check out the sweet stuff I got in AL recently. Lots of silk shirts and cool shoes and bric-a-brac. Taking pics this week and will be up in the store shortly. 
And there's fat cat Charley, couldn't take her with me :(

The Unknown Pleasures Of Cleaning The Cat Box