Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Week In Cat Staring

{The weekly Chu stare down pic}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Battle Of The Bands Costumes

New Wasted Words podcast is up! 
I have the topic this week - remembering Halloween Costumes - and RJ gets real life mad (no joke) about Mad Men

This is a pic I found from RetroCrush (thanks to RJ) of the Smurfette costume I had in pre-kindergarten. One of my sisters had that same Garfield mask - it was always around the house...and then someone filled in one of the white eyeballs with a pencil.

Here are some more store bought Collegville costumes from back in the day...

{Invisible Man Toy vs. Jaws}

{Itchy Richie vs. Michelle Muck}

{V.I.C.I from Small Wonder vs. Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows}


Also just added to We Are Were a vintage 1940 / 1950s Collegeville Little Red Riding Hood costume. Check it out!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cats In Chairs

{Fisby did this #$*%ing cute thing}

Speaking of...

{Walter Potter}

Shop Update: Vintage Sweaters For Fall / Winter


Celebrity Crush

Ever get a crush on a someone, then you do a google image search and you feel really awesome when you see not one photo of them with whoever they're dating? Yeah, I just did that. It was pretty awesome. I don't know if that means they're quietly gay or whatever. I do know it means I have insomnia, and to celebrate that fact, I made something unnecessary in Photoshop.
I've never even seen Community. This crush is based entirely on his stand-up, podcast interviews, internet raps, and the Alfonso Ribeiro tshirt.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cat Stretch Fever!


This Is How I...


A while back I noticed that Etsy had taken down five of my listings without any explanation. Well, an email showed up soon that explained everything, but first some backstory...

I had posted some items for sale on Etsy. To describe the bags seen in the gif below I used the phrases "Chanel like," "Chanel-esque," and/or "reminds me of Chanel." Obviously, these bags were made in the '80s when that style was very popular —that style being quilted, small and compact, and having a chain strap. I noticed other Etsy vintage sellers using these terms, and I saw no reason why there would be a problem as I wasn't selling fake Chanel bags with fake logos all over and misrepresenting the situation.


To make things worse, I am a just some small beans Etsy seller. And because I had these bags in my shop I was threatened with having my store shut down and banned from Etsy if I continued to offer them. So I put them back up without the word Chanel-esque mentioned as a tag or in the description and added this instead:

So classic. Reminiscent of an iconic French design house, yet, ironically, I am unable to remember their name all of the sudden ;)

And I felt really bad for a while, like I was some criminal, yet that horrible off-shoot "fashion" site is still up and running?? It is obvious that the Coco being used in that instance is from Coco Chanel —and in a such a blatant way to seem somehow connected with Chanel and high fashion. They are abusing the Chanel name to make themselves appear credible. It's bullshit. To me, that is something that should cause letters of "copyright infringement" and threats of ending of one's online business.

The economy is still bad, I am just trying to make ends meet while doing something I enjoy being involved in, and that is selling unique vintage fashion at an affordable price. I'm not trying to con Chanel, Inc, or use their name in a scandalous matter. It's so ridiculous. And I'm posting this information to let others know the strange lengths and misplaced efforts the lawyers representing Chanel, Inc, are willing to go to. Bah, the whole thing just left a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm moving on with a better attitude about it all :)


Here is what was emailed to me in it's entirety: {After the jump-cut}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Are Were on

Forgot to post about this - We Are Were was featured on along with several great vintage Etsy shops. Really honored to be included and associated with other sellers that I like —and who I shop from as well ;)

{click on the image to go to the piece}

What I Wore All Summer

I pretty much put these same items on my body for four months.

{Had to wear a bandeau top underneath - need some sort of support - it's striped!}

{This dress has a great back. I don't even remember when the Thakoon for Target collaboration happened - Ok, just googled it - came out around Xmas 2008. Anyway, this is a size X-Large and I got it at the "by the pound" Goodwill in Long Island City when I used to work around there last year. Even with the size being too big, I prefer it that way cos the gathered fabric makes the hem uneven in the back and I'm sort of all for that. This dress still had all the tags attached - it was called "Cyber Floral" lolz...}

Peeping Tom Cat

Ok, I have about 20 photos of this. 
I go into the other room, then come back and she's just out there, watching. STARING. 
She doesn't want to come in, either.

It's simultaneously cute and scary so I'm ok with it. 

Went To Coney

vintage silk shell - Alabama thrift store this summer
cardigan - UO current 
black sailor shorts - H&M 2 years ago

{I really like the cardigan's length - perfect for having shorts peek out a bit in the back}

{And it has pockets, sort of can't go wrong with that ever}

{You can see seagull tracks on the sand}

{Box Of Lard And Nothing Green}


This summer I went to Coney Island for the Friday night fireworks with some friends. I got there a little early with my Popeye's and inhaled it on the beach as the sun was going down. I read a bit too. Then we all got together and gobbled beers and frozen margaritas. I didn't ride The Cyclone so I guarded purses, totes, and messengers like someone's uptight parent. I've never been on that ride. Maybe one day. I like rides too, I dunno what it is...

Not Apparel In The Shop


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old Early Summer Fire Escape

Vintage necklaces just added to the shop We Are Were. And found some Fisby / early fire escape garden pics...

{The shedding gets out of hand in the summer, therefore, there's a lot of brushing which yields enough cat fur to not tell or show people that it needs to be formed into little balls. If anyone is reading this and wants one, send me your address and I'll ship one out for free - I am that confident at how unappealing it is.}

{laying out / watching for birds / the sporting life}

{hiding, aka smooshing plants}

{succulents row. there is also someone else in this photo peeking out with pointy ears}

{"cat's whiskers" and a sunflower}

{Back in May, first night Fisby camped out on the fire escape in her kitty bed with some kibble - stayed out all night.}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Al Stewart. Psychedelic. Cats.

The songwriter who did Year of the Cat made a song that is not like Year of the Cat and is quite good. Thanks to Altered Zones and Still Corners for turning me on to this.


Hearing the song Year of the Cat again reminds me of some friend's mom telling a car full of girls in 1989 all about 1970s soft rock when it came on the car radio. I asked, "did he just say something about cats? what?" and eventually the conversation morphed into talking about astrological signs and Chinese restaurant placemats. We were driving very far to go to an ice-skating rink that ended up being closed I think - or I wished it was. I ate a whole Klondike bar from a gas station before it melted all over my hands. This was the first time in my life I achieved this. I remembered that, but I can't remember why we were in this car together. Was it a Girl Scout outing, someone's birthday, or something church related?

Anyway, memory lane, music - whatever, this was really just an excuse to post these rad cat gifs.





{thanks to the best gifs ever}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Made A Little Gallery For The Cats

With all this NYFW going on, I've read some blog posts and some other internet hubbub and it's effortless this and effortless that...

So, because fashion involves so much effort and thought into what would actually look flattering on your specific body type (and everybody know this) to look "effortless" like you woke up and just threw on whatever you saw lying around is the ideal? Like, "I totally didn't try or care what other people thought about this ensemble I'm strutting in?" wth??

Sometimes, ugh, I hate the whole fashion thing. I feel like everyone is lying to each other (and themselves) but fashion insiders are all "Whatever you guys! Just wear what you want! Peachy keen! :) Wear what feels right and comfortable!" Yeah, well, no clothes at all feels comfortable, but I'm not about to walk around naked and shoeless in NYC, so blaargh it all. I care what I think and what other people think as I know their reactions affect me cos I'm human and have feelings. And I involve a lot of effort in how I look. I try on several things until I get it right. Jeeez, why is that a bad thing? We're all human and basically the same. I get some things easy in life and some things come hard. "Everyone has their blind spots..."

Speaking of great shows, Louie is perfect. I love this show so much.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Take The Easy Way And Give In

I remember how it was uncool to like this song in 1994 cos it was slightly psycho and not grunge or heavy metal or Tool, also it was VERY RELATABLE TO ME AT THE TIME HIGH SCHOOL CRUSHES OMG EMBARRASSING NO ONE GETS ME.

Whatever, I love this song and it gets stuck in my head all the time. I watched this video as many times as MTV wanted to show it ad nauseam. The best part is when he skips down the hall and hits the lights - I wanted (still want) to do this in real life. Anyway, being exposed to The Smiths and Morrissey at an age too young to "get it," it took this song to make me give it all a second listen and raid my older sister's albums. In high school and college, The Smiths / Morrissey meant something. In elementary and middle school, it just seemed real gay.

This Is Kind Of A Huge Deal


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Five Years Later There's The Drums

70% of the music on my first ipod sounded like this.

Also, summer is over.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Musical Vomit

Sometimes a bunch of words come together and your brain dry heaves.
Case in point:

Amanda Palmer – Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele (V0 VBR) [2010]

I do not understand the appeal of this person.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bad "Aternative" 90s Music

Remember when this horrible song ruined music in the 90s?
Just when you thought you'd forgotten it...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Free Fonts Friday

Great place that only has high-quality free fonts