Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Favorite Public Domain Movie


These movie illustrations are so great!
The Great Showdowns by Scott C.

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{Chu, desperately looking for an escape}

dress - white lace with exposed zipper back, UO
socks - gray thigh highs, AA
cardigan - long black knit sweater, H&M
shoes - Chloe lace-up heels from Black Flamingo Vintage
bag - vintage 80s black leather Coach bag

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Times Home Video

Got these great movie notebooks from Noteflix on Etsy. Two of them are my Top All Time Favorite Movies (so far), and the Evil Dead 2 poster used to scare the hell out of me when I'd go to video stores as a kid (Bear Video, Video Xpress) - I used to think, "that must be the scariest movie EVER". Anyway, back to 2010, the inside paper of these notebooks is really thick, good quality stock. And they're a perfect small narrow size that fits in most of my purses, and JNCO pants if I still wore those. Which I don't. Which is a good thing. Oh, and they come wrapped in VHS intestines.

These make great gifts - everyone loves movies. And the shop is always adding new titles. Maybe they even take requests??

{Good Times? Really? - on the back of the Night of the Living Dead at the bottom}

What Chu lookin' at? Weekly peeping tom Chu staring pic.

New Shoes and Clothes Everyday This Week


Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fright Night

Oh, what? It's just THE BEST 
Halloween Horror Movie Double Feature 2010!!

Two of the only George Romero movies one really needs to see. From 1977 and 1968, they are still the best "contemporary takes" on VAMPIRES and ZOMBIES. Both hold up beautifully. Add sushi and popcorn and hot cocoa - perfect.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love? Noooooooooo...

Heard that Crystal Castles track "Not In Love" where Robert Smith is singing along like it's karaoke. The original, which just has a roboty Alice Glass, is on their album that came out earlier in 2010. This version is better in my opinion, mainly cos I can distinguish the lyrics, and duh, it's Robert Smith. Who doesn't love this guy? I remember in high school jocks and brainless social climbers were even into The Cure, but maybe only for that one radio hit "Friday I'm In Love"? If so, my point is moot. Anyway, whenever I see the words "love" and "not" and "in" strung together, I think of 10cc... how could anyone NOT?

{this one is definitely on my list of songs I can listen to 47 times in a row}

Check out this ancient photo of The Cure in NYC - {nice suit}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wasted Words - The Lesst Sobar Persprectiive

A new WASTED WORDS is up, and Nate brought the topic this week. In the episode we drunkenly talk about how stuff we enjoy can become annoying to the point where we're embarrassed to admit we're into it, but not necessarily "guilty pleasures" - so like how mass marketing can ruin something you genuinely love, e.g., the dumbing down of football, porn, comics, and fashion(duh, my choice). Then I go into a rant about getting catcalls in my neighborhood cos I've been wearing clickety-clack platforms lately. Actually, "Cat Calls" would be a good band name...

ANYWAY, speaking of shoes and podcasts...

There are podcasts about the history of shoes - and from where else but the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada! These are extremely interesting history lessons - another way to think about how what is happening in politics affects EVERYTHING in life, the art and music scenes, how people raise their kids or kitty children, how much money I have in my pocket, whether or not women and minorities are treated fairly in society, and why platform shoes are suddenly popular then suddenly not ('s when Western society is in turmoil / war - and the shoes are generally uncomfortable anyway - whatever, I love platforms). Also, the most infamous, greatest, shoemaker artist of all time, Pietro Yantorny, was an illiterate mofo but spoke several languages. Each podcast has interesting details about footwear - men's stuff too. And I can honestly say that I experienced the thought, "Ohhh, so that's why that's like that!?" at some point in each 4 to 5 minute episode. So, everyone has to wear shoes, might as well learn a little bit about 'em... and The More You Know™ the history of something, the more likely you won't repeat it's mistakes - too tall platforms* I'm looking at you...

*these are awesomely creative shoes though . by Noritaka Tatehana

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog - Originality . I am for this

Original blog designs from InspiredMag - and some have original content to boot! Hello, Movie Title Stills Collection, we meet again...


Twitter is pretty cool

"Planet Queen"

I got this great design book a while back - so inspiring, every page is stunning and the text is so informative without coming off like a boring history textbook. I mean, c'mon, it has the craziest shoes on the cover. 70s Style and Design. Originally got this book from the library - fell in love - bought the real deal.

One photo that really stuck out to me featured this shirt that said Wild Thing under a big panther head on the front, and it was styled with white socks and strappy heels. 
The look goes as follows, GENIUS:

I had to know more and the internet didn't disappoint - The History
I then realized why I was into the shirt so much, I had seen it before:

So I mostly copied the look styled in that mid-70s photograph of the two women, and how the Wild Thing shirt was made perfectly feminine - this early fashion accoutrement of punk and rock music worn solely by male musicians who straddled their guitars. 
So perfect.

I searched for the shirt online, thinking maybe I could own this? I couldn't afford the official original shirt with a satin cat tongue and real rhinestones bedazzled on, 
but I could afford a knock-off from eBay.
wild thing collage
bag from the 80s
shirt - eBay
trousers - H&M Spring 2009
socks - cats! either from The Sock Man on St. Marks or from my mom
belt - knotted black fabric rope
heels - vintage 70s/80s black suede, Goodwill by-the-pound in LIC, Queens
bag - vintage 80s "inspired" by Hermes, thrift store in Alabama

Ummmmmm, speaking of shirts, I'm pretty sure I have to get this  
Marc Bolan T. Rex shirt.

More vintage shoes added to the shop tomorrow - We Are Were
And items are being added to The Big Sale™ everyday...

Monday, October 25, 2010

"You Inspire Me"

Normally when he tours, it's not with a full band or in a small venue. Last night was not normal.

Greg and I went to The Bell House to check out Nick Lowe. It was mostly a crowd of men, not guys or boys, but men who have silver hair and who are tall. I was still able to snag a quick shot during the first song that the full band came out - even though I am against taking pics at shows, I am not against ME taking pics at shows. "You are an asshole, then." Touché. But I do it without being annoying - no flash, only during one song, 4-5 pics, very discreet, then I enjoy the performance for the rest of the evening. Also, about the crowd, they were very respectful (no one talking loud during songs) and everyone was enjoying the hell out of the show. You could hear a pin drop during the final, soft, slow song of just him and his guitar.

{Singer . Songwriter . Legend . 61 . All around great guy . Smiles big after every song}

Ok, to be honest. I was afraid it might be boring, that I'd be shifting my weight and crossing my arms the whole time. Nope. Two encores and I still wanted more. The songs ran the gamut: the pop hits, folk ballads, bluesy rock. "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" was performed in a slowed-down way that made it feel like I had never heard the song before, more poignant - by experiencing this, it took on a whole new meaning for me, in other words, it MEANT SOMETHING. I got to thinking how some of his songs would be so perfect for a female artist to cover - especially "I Trained Her to Love Me " but change the lyrics from a female perspective, eg. "trained him". Also, seeing someone at his age being this great of a performer, one who isn't showy or annoying but just being himself and writing and creating these perfect, honest songs and's inspiring. Aaaand I got to chat with Kenny for a bit after the show who had been barbacking since earlier in the day for a wedding that was held there. He was beat. He asked about Nick Lowe, not being familiar with him, and I rattled off what I knew, not doing much justice as he's done so much in his career. Kenny told me how the whole band were a really great group of guys, how he's been serving them coffee in the green room, how they were gentlemen(polite) and cool(sense of humor), how it's such a welcomed change as compared to how other artists that come through there act or "act out" trying their best to be a rock star.

It was rock star Nick Lowe's first time in Brooklyn. It was the last show on the US tour. It was one of the best shows I've seen at The Bell House.

As I walk through
This wicked world
Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity.

I ask myself
Is all hope lost?
Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?

And each time I feel like this inside,
There's one thing I wanna know:
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

And as I walked on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.

'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding? Ohhhh
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Databending The Chu

This is all about Fisby. First, the weekly staring pic:

There. She's starting to hide more now in the fire escape jungle.

Aaaaaaaaaaand now onto DATABENDING Fisby!


{databent! 1}

{databent! 2}

How am I just finding out about this? I love it. These are some early examples of my attempts... I want to keep going and really experiment and find a "sort of technique" - if there is such a thing with this, which I think there isn't, which is why I love it. But I want to get better as these aren't that interesting compared to what can really be done with this "fucking up on purpose" thing. So, I'm saving the image as a .Raw file, then bringing it into TextEdit, then taking out a symbol or two, then bringing it back into Photoshop. I can't seem to get the colors to stay though, but I'll figure it out...

Databending flickr group
Glitch Art (same thing) flickr group
Oh, and I added more sweaters to the shop - We Are Were 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Went to a show a while back and picked up a bunch of great Captured Tracks singles. Chu approves.

Soft Moon

{Sorry To Compare - STC: sounds like music you want to keep to yourself forever + an oubliette}


{STC: sounds like Throwing Muses + The Slits}

Wild Nothing

{STC: sounds like what you hope a really cute boy smells like + when you remember summer in the dead of winter}

Blank Dogs
{STC: sounds like a band you missed out on cos you were still messing around with Top 40 in the 90s + a track you heard once in a secret New Orleans goth "dance" club}

And someone took my photo at the show (I do not approve of people taking photographs constantly at shows - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) and they posted it on which was weird and sort of unfair, but I looked alright in the photo, so it's ok? Also, I was eating FRUIT LEATHER at the time - no one knows, no one cares...

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Know Her

Holy shit. Just found this. A demo from 1984 of "Not Too Soon"...

Awesome original


Pop Magazine, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned - Wells Tower, Dos Logos, Yeti, Rat Girl - Kristen Hersh, Everything here is the best thing ever - Justin Taylor, Fantastic Man, The Gentlewoman, Sexual Personae - Camille Paglia

The New York Public Library
is awesome. 
I usually only buy magazines and 'zines these days.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

City of the Living Dead aka The Gates of Hell aka Eh

This 1980 Fulci horror movie is mostly boring, then gross, then boring, and so on with an ending that makes no sense whatsoever, but then it all sort of makes sense for this movie to have a senseless ending. ANYWAY it's currently available on Watch Instantly on Netflix, so whatever, watch it, it's October, no big deal. So, I've seen this movie before but I was half paying attention at the time cos I'm not much of a Fulci fan (Zombie 2 and The Beyond are goodish, but that's it) and this scene was completely lost on me the first time around.


I want this painting.

{blood red phone!}
{disembodied rhino beach close up}

What makes this scene extra special and extra unexpected, is that it's secretly hidden with no explanation or meaning in a predictable, mostly blah Italian horror movie. Also, I'm pretty sure this lady artist dies like two minutes after this.

So, maybe all (most) of his films are lost on me cos they're not pretty and arty like most (some) of the films of Argento? No, they're shit. Most horror is. But it's fun, no pressure shit that's weird, and when you go in with low expectations you don't get your heart broken... I'm looking at you hyped-up 3D Hollywood movies!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doot Doot Doot Doo Doo...Outfit



{most likely I'm wearing this top BACKWARDS but does it really matter? Who cares?}

Top - vintage ivory cocoon blouse from Ramona West
Bottoms - Forever21 black jeans
Shoes - woven leather flats from a thrift store in AL

I guess my hair is getting a little Bieber-esque :(
Thinking about going for a next level (parted down the middle) Runaways look...

Cherie and Marie Currie's 45 record "Since You've Been Gone" on Etsy.

Whoa. There's a lot of Mickey Mouse sweater/sweatshirt action going on in this footage from 1980s. Also, what a generic blah song...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You're The One!

A favorite Etsy search term of mine in the category of Vintage is "novelty". It's great. I rarely get to check out thrift stores like in THE OLD DAYS so this is my virtual futuristic new way of reliving that MAGIC (childhood). So here are some recent gems:

Hot Kiss Phone from North Brooklyn Dry Good

Cat Sweater from BBernhard
{this sweater makes me think of Super Mario Bros - like I can't look at anything sitting on bricks and a blue backtground without referencing an old video game I played obsessively until I discovered dudes}

Also, these Super Mario socks are kind of a good idea while also being very very unnecessary - not vintage or from Etsy.

Large Fig Newton Pillow from Rare Finds 4 U

1940s Pin from The Caravan Collection

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mm-hm, A Torch Song...

Reading Rat Girl. When Kristin Hersh was 18-years old she was friends with Betty Hutton. They attended some of the same college classes. And Betty went to Throwing Muses shows. Yes, the Betty Hutton that did that song that Bjork covered - "Oh, So Quiet". The Annie-Get-Your-Gun-Anything-You-Can-Do-I-Can-Do-Better Betty Hutton. I never realized she was so funny and weird...



The song Let's Face It is my favorite performance.

I can see though how she's not like Julie Andrews, Judy Garland, Betty Grable, etc... and didn't stick around in Hollywood. Also, she seems fairly unstable and from what the internet tells me, was kind of an asshole and her talent was limited, so show business was like, "eh, I think you're done, we don't need this..." But man, can you imagine anyone doing those unique performances these days?? It's such a perfect contrast — this beautiful blonde woman in a long fancy gown, then she acts all goofy and sing-yells these songs. Love it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sale Time!

Just starting a HUGE BIG GIGANTIC sale of almost everything at We Are Were
I think eventually everything will be $20 or less - right now about 1/3 of the store is on sale... animated gif!!


romantic love was invented to manipulate women


These Jenny Holzer Keds are finally on sale at Bloomingdale's. But the sale ends tomorrow — aaaand looks like most of the popular sizes are already sold out anyway. I kept meaning to snag a pair of the gray ones in a size 8, but they're not available (wishes my feet were a size 6...)

I would look at these shoes every now and then and want to buy them, but the price kept me away obviously. Such a great idea to team up with artist Jenny Holzer who was also featured in the first issue of The Gentlewoman - great article. She was/is still an extremely influential artist to me (especially at SCAD when I was taking a bunch of photography classes and making photograms of sayings over photos — before I learned Photoshop and could add text in two seconds). Anyway, I have an old Truisms poster that I found in a magazine a while back so I put it on my wall, but Fisby attacked it with her slobbery cat teeth and ripped it to shreds. Sure, why not?

More Truisms here.

Anyway, the saying "Protect Me From What I Want" on these shoes reminds me of that awesome St. Vincent song from her (Annie Clark) 2009 album Actor which is perfect from beginning to end - not one song is skipoverable:

St. Vincent - Save Me From What I Want

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Car Chase Cat Band

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clockwork Brown*

Read this today (on a design blog) and I totally agree.

"Social taboos suppress discussion of many details about life: bodily functions, sexual problems, and other socially stigmatizing conditions. Discomfort with these topics compromises our health and short-circuits our quality of life by keeping important information in the dark."

So listen to the latest installment of Wasted Words, I'm on it, I have a cold.

*thanks to RJ for this awesome poop joke

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Spirit of the Staircase

Found this today on the blog The Drifter and the Gypsy. It reminded me of high school / college and being obsessed with naming things and feelings that were currently unnamed (to my knowledge). I love that other cultures have felt it important to have words for these feelings in their languages. I also wished I spoke French.
And here is Chu's creepy-cute weekly peeping tom photo: