Friday, November 19, 2010

"The part that kills"

I know... this song is about addiction and drugs and AIDS and dying and not wanting to deal with it all really, but I heard the repetitive line "open the dooooooor, open the door I can't stay here anymore" on a loop in my brain today and I had no problem with that fact. So, I haven't heard this song in years, never really thought about what it was referring to exactly, figured it was probably about a relationship ending. Then I watch this video. Bummmmer. It's so literal with the imagery. It hurts to watch it, not emotionally, but cos it's beyond corny with the portrayals of bummertown scenes. Squish Squish, embarrassment tears.

Anyway, it's still a good song that no one thinks about anymore. I think Magnapop is a good band no one really thinks about anymore. Underrated, maybe? I wasn't so into them back in the day...

More Magnapop. Why not.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I like fashion, I dislike fashion

I still randomly get clothing catalogs in the mail. Thrown into the bathroom magazine rack, they eventually get looked at and then recycled. I usually enjoy the photography and styling, but I haven't ordered anything from a catalog in ages. Anyway, I flipped through the Free People one (always too gypsy Stevie Nicks for me) in reverse from the back to the front (not how I wipe) so I didn't realize it was blogger themed.

I really liked these two looks:
Natalie Off Duty

But then I realized...
Instead of Free People setting trends and being a strong brand, they hired these fashion bloggers to style and wear their clothes. At first it seems like a good idea, win-win, but it really says to me "We, as a company, have run out of original ideas, what are your ideas you over there with that popular blog? GREAT, we'll go with that! It will represent us too! WE ARE NOT USING YOU TO MAKE US APPEAR RELEVANT NOOOOOOO."

Speaking of mail order clothing catalogs, and I know it's old news, but I think the ironic stretched type in the Urban Outfitters recent "look" and website re-design is their latest attempt at trying to seem DIY and lo-fi and authentic. I mean, their logo looks like Captcha. Instead of testing to see if we're all computer bots, they're testing our tastes. They are a company, not art. I don't understand why they're trying to make an anti-graphic design statement with their brand like that. Again, instead of coming up with new ideas, they're trying to associate themselves with a pre-existing "underground" style. Just offer cute affordable clothes to college kids and the illegible design won't have to be an issue.

Bad brands... They have the power to change things for the better with the young people that look up to them for taste / style / ways to express themselves through clothing, but the brands are merely algae-eating on the aquarium of creativity and originality. But what am I saying? Who cares really. And whatever, these two companies are owned by the same corporation anyway, and they're very successful. So they must know what they're's a photo of my cat:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And I don't even know how I got off the track

Pinkerton was just remastered with extra tracks. When this first came out in 1996 I bought it at Camelot for roughly $17 and thought it was subpar, written for dudes only - unrelatable - and not really my thing. I felt ripped off. Then in college 2 years later, I still had the album and popped it in for another listen before possibly selling it to a used CD store. As a result, I kept it, but have since lost the CD with many others in The Great USPS Mail Debacle of 2009. Anyway, throughout college I pretty much listened to the album from beginning to end on a semi-weekly basis and loved it knowing that most everyone and all critics panned it. Like, I loved it basically cos of that. Why not?? Also, it just happens to be a solid, good album. Seems I wasn't the only one who thought this. And who knew Weezer was not going to sound like this anymore resulting in people giving too much credit to The Blue Album and Pinkerton anyway?

ALSKj;ldksjfsdkfkj, here's more Mary Lynn Rajskub, but in now times and in a cool dress...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here is your meat tuxedo

Any discussion of whether Lady Gaga is a feminist is a distraction: representing sexual power is not power. Representation is not reality. —Merle Hoffman

Good (but too short) article about how by not defining what being a feminist means IN NOW DAYS is somehow making it come to mean almost nothing, but maybe by just putting this idea out there (short and sweet) it's making the point more sussinct than a four page essay.

Women are not what they wear, who they fuck or what they buy. They are what they think, and what they do about what they think. —Merle Hoffman



This is a good point too over at the Guardian. I felt better after reading this as I often think about the kind of guys I meet / attract and how they seem can I put this without sounding trite and they're really really into still being teenagers. And how I have to be ok with this or I'm not cool and "one of the guys" even though I'm a woman and feeling like "one of the gals" is much more important to me, and sadly, harder to actually achieve on some natural level. And maybe it's very female to feel apologetic over the sense of feeling blame for guys being stuck in some unrealistic bro world cos they need to take care of me AND I'M NOT LETTING THEM, IT'S ALL MY FAULT. Like my need to feel human, have choice, and equal independence in my life is resulting in turning men into babies with their new found lack of provider responsibility? Why would I want to take down men? And, better yet, would it really be that easy?? It is a rad sense of power that I would be capable of doing that (according to some) just for my own selfish feminist reasons. Look, I want to be loved and respected in a fulfilling, emotional relationship that isn't needy from either side (don't we all?). And I still own action figures and stuffed animals too.

So, point is, feminism is good for everybody. The more people who understand this, the more "feminism" will not be a dirty word or misused, and anyone who calls themselves a feminist will not be looked at as militant angry lesbian men haters.

Male privilege is not a guarantor of either happiness or health, and trying desperately to play the part of protector and provider has robbed generations of men of both. Feminism offers men a chance to rethink and re-evaluate their worth and their purpose. It offers them an opportunity to be intimate allies with their female partners, to forge relationships based on more than duty and dependency. It gives men a chance to be loved for the wholeness of who they are, rather than solely for what they can provide.

See, win-win, people. MEAT CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE.

And I can't express how badly I wish Lady Gaga would write better music and her next album sounded and had the lyrical power of PJ Harvey or Bikini Kill or anything interesting and REAL. She has this huge following, she could change lives and send out a real message to all the woman and men out there about feminism. Take note, here is how you do the no pants thing:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

760 x 100 pixels

Most banners aren't that great design-wise, or shops don't have them at all. Every now and then there are some good ones. Here are some good ones. These banners are for shops (mostly vintage) that I've noticed recently that really look cute / good / interesting and set the mood for how I feel about the items they have for sale. Usually the beautiful use of text is what catches my eye at first, so most of these feature successful typography.

Without any text, the simplicity is beautiful. Love it.

This is a simple, effective stab at the Netflix brand. Awesome.

Ikhan Vintage went a step further and made their banner background the same color as the little Etsy tab underneath. Great way to be more integrated into the set-in-stone Etsy layout.

This is great, whether it's intentional or not, the heads and shoulders in the banner sort of match with the clothing thumbnails right underneath.


Perhaps the creepiest Etsy banner I've seen. They've since changed it... yeaaaah, it's suggesting heroin with the needle.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fine Collector Plates

Just found this SHOP... I love strong contrasts in pretty much everything. And taking trash - old plates no one wants - and turning them into something hilarious and awesome, well, you have my heart, Beat Up Creations
Sid & Nancy

Patti Smith

Speaking of, I read Just Kids a while ago and when I finished I noticed there was a "Note on the Type" at the end. I love these. Some people think they're obnoxious. Ugh. Get over it. It's one page and fonts need credit. Your eyes were just enjoying them for hours, now take a second to learn why they made your read a bit more enjoyable than most type online or street signs or almost any other situation where you have to squint and think "what does that even say??"


Monday, November 8, 2010

I Came To Cut You Up

Daisy Chainsaw - "Love Your Money"
Whatever happened to Daisy Chainsaw? I remember even back then the only way to see this video was on an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

Garbage - "Push It"
Remember when almost all videos from the '90s tried to out-weird each other with random fetish / religious / medical imagery mixed with scary children / skinny models all spliced and edited very roughly / quickly? Undefined things in glass jars were VERY IMPORTANT.

Moist - "Push"
Oh, dear. This song was a big deal to me back in the day. Ugh, this is like one second from being a Christian rock band. BUT WAIT, At 2:15 something starts to happen...two guys in the band *almost* get to first base...

Oh, and I have a Vintage Rainbow Striped Sweater I just added to We Are Were that looks a lot like the sweater in the video :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Need a Break from Platformz Pt. 2

Just found the King of Oxford Flats
Snake Print Leather Brogues . $225 . Pixie Market
These aren't even real snake and they're way out of my price range. F! H! S! MF!

Need a Break from Platformz

Found some reasonably priced oxfords and flats and oxford flats at a few cheap ubiquitous online shops recently, I know, I'm as surprised as you are...
4. Jeffrey Campbell Tapestry $109

And on Etsy, though these aren't quite a deal for pre-owned shoes, they're still pretty cool and I guess you can rationalize the price by the fact that they're pretty much one-of-kind and no one else will be wearing these guys...
top . Ferragamo Embossed Leather Flats . Size 8.5 . $59.99
bottom . Cut Out Oxfords . Size 7 . $38.00

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cat Sweater 2010!

Am now the proud owner of another CAT SWEATER - bring it on, winter, I've got this whole "I'm cold" thing covered. This kitty knit is extra special too, a Quacker Factory original. Thanks, Erin, for turning me on to the wonderful world of QVC clothing. Got this pre-owned beauty from the Etsy shop, Fun and Flirty. It's a size Medium and it's gigantic on me, I could belt it into a dress...
tights - heart tights, Tabio
sweater - beige cat sweater, Etsy
top - Dad's army shirt from Vietnam
shorts - John Bartlett for Bergdorf Goodman leather shorts, free from old job
shoes - Fluevog '90s combat boots, vintage store from Little 5 Points area in Atlanta

Now if only I could get Fisby in this cat cat sweater:

Actually, she doesn't need a sweater, she has her own lard layer to keep her cozy warm.

The last time I watched QVC was with my mom in the late 80s and it was all Mary Beth Roe and Marie Osmond dolls and Black Hills Gold there's "Karen in Ohio" talking about boners:

I'm kinda liking the new logo, but I can also see how the design will become dated very easily :( also, it reminds me of origami and Post-its™- paper in general - and I don't see how that has anything to do with a home shopping network on TV that doesn't even have mail-order catalogs. Therefore, the 3D paper effect comes across meaningless, unless paper also universally stands for Quality, Value, Convenience, and if so, awesome, I "get it". But that still doesn't explain the weird Q in that typeface...

Wasted Words from Last Week

New Wasted Words Podcast - Skek brings up something about Kate Moss, we all get loud and talk over each other, something, something, Word of the Week, listener contest, Subway sandwiches.

Weekly peeping tom Chu pic:

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Funniest thing I saw today. I love that someone took the time to compile all these whats and edited it together so well. Perfect.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Not Going To Dye My Roots

I am all for any band sounding like any other band that is not making music anymore. Therefore, I am all for any band that sounds like Lush, Jesus and Mary Chain, and/or Joy Division. I know so many music purists/aficionados/critics/asshats/authorities/walking dictionaries are very against anything that sounds remotely like Joy Division. This band does not sound like Joy Division.
No Joy

I just listened to their new album, Ghost Blonde, and I want to listen to it 
again and again.

Something else I heard this week that is sort of blonde related that I keep listening to on repeat is the song "Weekend" by Smith Westerns from their new album Dye It Blonde that comes out on my birthday next year. "Be My Girl" was one of my top songs I listened to the most of 2009. I would love for an all lady band to cover that song, 
but not change the lyrics.

Smith Westerns - Weekend by forcefieldpr

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Outfit With Cat Accessory

dress - black sequins skeletal print, Rodarte for Target
pants - black cigarette pants, UO
shoes - Jeffrey Campbell black leather wedge platforms, Solestruck
{Chu is wearing a see-through Halloween costume based on topical wordplay}

I am so glad I got the boots a while back, no regrets. Highly recommend them. 
I even wrote a review: