Friday, December 31, 2010

More Favorite Music of 2010

Best tapes and 7 inches of 2010
Ancient Crux/Weed Diamond split 7"
My favorite song of 2009, finally on vinyl in 2010 and in my hands:
 In Teen Dreams by Ancient Crux
{download and listen}

And I got these tapes:
Runners - Demo CS
Ancient Crux / Ouija Split
Consignment - Laundry Room
Mikura Suzuki - Punished By The Nina
from Brent at Hi Shadow Records in CA. He even made me a special mixtape
(with my choice of theme)...

...CATS of course!

detail of the Ancient Crux tape from Hi Shadow Records.
Also, Family Time is really great for tapes too.

Other favorite 7 inches of 2010:

Leave You Forever by Cloud Nothings
 Talk to Me (b side)
{download and listen}

Shake the Shackles by Crystal Stilts
Magnetic Moon (b-side)
 {download and listen}

Favorite Week of 2010

Had a friend from Liverpool that I've internetly known since 2004 FINALLY come visit New York City in 2010 for a little over a week. It was a lot of fun. I got out and did loads of touristy things I had yet to do after living here for almost 9 years. Also, having great conversation with an intelligent, funny, cool guy —that never gets old.

looking down on two people looking out on the Central Park Reservoir at sunset

northern view of NYC from the Empire State Building at night

very very very windy! and with the Chrysler Building lit up in the background

He made scouse.
It was really good. Brommate and I ate on this for a week.

Favorite Music of 2010

Made the music DVDs this year. Best Songs and Best Albums. The criteria is stuff I listened to the most combined with some things I just discovered from other end of the year lists from mp3 blogs that I follow. Here are the best complete albums, meaning, you can listen to these albums completely and not have to skip any songs. If anyone reading this wants one, just let me know. I have extras...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Fashion Moment of 2010

Back in September, Hillary Clinton was at the United Nations and wore one of the tackiest things a woman can put in her hair besides a scrunchie. summed it up best:
Hillary was there to meet about what's going on in Pakistan and Haiti, but instead all eyes were focused on the hair clip she fished out of a swap meet discount bin circa 1988. Some moaned that it's very unprofessional-like for an important politician to wear her hair like my mom about to clean her oven. And others said that she's the Secretary of State so she can do whatever the hell she wants with her hair.

Loves it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dog Sit Blizzard of 2010

Currently I'm dog-sitting in Park Slope.
This is what little dogs do. They jump around. They look up at you.

They have to wear sweaters when it snows.

  My bike on the day of the blizzard
Oh, perfect, the next day...

My Shadow!

My Shadow!

So many more snow pics on flickr
They were mostly taken while walking from Park Slope to Cobble Hill the day after, and then Park Slope to Sunset Park the day after that.

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors Even

=^.^=  Me and Chu Chu  =^.^=
I got this sweater a few months back from Guvnors on 5th Ave in Park Slope. They have a great selection of vintage items and it's all reasonably priced. They're better than Odd Twin and the other shops in the area - even Beacon's. Also, the sales staff is rad - one time they were drinking PBR and offered me some, but I was riding my bike and probably would've stuck around for more than my share of watered down beer. They're on Facebook too - Guvnor's Vintage and Thrift - and were open the day after the blizzard when it was nothing but infinity bodegas. I would've definitely gone in if I had the money. They need to be on twitter!

Anyway, I like the sweater, but I'm currently obsessed with anything that has wider necks so I'm going to add it to the Etsy shop next week - yaaaaaaay! - along with some great '80s leather spectator ankle boots and other clothing items.

Speaking of the vintage shop on Etsy, I wish the name of it was the title of this post :) What am I saying, We Are Were is awesome ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life is so hard!!

{thanks to fellow cat-lover Dustin for showing me why I should just give up}

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

J.T. (1969)

There are many classic Xmas movies to watch on TV every year — Scrooged, A Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, DieHard, something with muppets, etc...

But how about watching something different. It's not on TV (anymore). It's free on youtube in five parts and it's pretty great. A boy in Harlem, a cat, a radio, and Xmas. You're welcome.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Stork from Devonshire

Last night I ate a relaxation cookie and watched Disney's Robin Hood (1973) for probably the 70th time. I like how the fox couple look exactly alike but the female has more eyelashes. Nowadays in a cartoon, the female of an animal couple would be a lighter color, much more petite, rounder face with larger eyes, and have lipstick on. Blaaaaaaah.

I can basically recite/act out this movie from heart. It was/is one of my Disney favorites. But maybe this is due to it being one of the only Disney cartoons that was around the house when I was a kid. The songs are pretty good - the country rooster is great - voiced by Roger "Dang Me" Miller. I like the music in Sleeping Beauty too. I was fairly fascinated in Snow White also - basically anything where a woman went out to live in the woods on her own (sort of on her own). It's like going out into the world by yourself for the first time. Maybe comparable now to when you're in your late teens/early 20s and going off to college, moving to a big city. Eh, maybe not. But people love to bash Disney princesses/fairy tale story lines and I'm right there with them for some stuff, but it's not all bad. Having a prince save you in the end all of the time is bs though. But having woodland creatures to talk to, help you do chores, and even make you a surprise dress – that's kind of neat.

I grew up in a neighborhood called Sherwood Knolls, lived on Nottingham Road. There was a road called Ivanhoe Lane, it was where our neighborhood cat lady lived – she was typically mean and incoherent, I tried to be her friend once, she wasn't having it. I stole a bowling pin out of her yard. It smelled like cat pee. Also, the FBI man lived on that street for a while (we rolled his yard), and every house was occupied by grandparent types. It was like some rule.

Anyway, LOVE this song. It always gets stuck in my head out of nowhere. On a monthly basis. More than the oo-de-lally/hamster dance one.

About the end of this youtube clip...
The reveal of the laundry and cooking area - it gives the impression that fox Robin Hood is showing vixen Maid Marian "her duties" now as his wife. Ugh. Hope not!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The stain of Gallagher is still there

I have a problem with the comedy podcasts I listen to. Here it is. Right here.
They (the comedians who are around my age) never mention how when they were kids they watched the Gallagher specials. See, there had to be about 7 of those specials. They were on Showtime in the 80s. Comedy Central showed them again when we were in high school/college - and yeah, we THEN realized how bad/annoying/unrelatable/mediocre they were. Point is, you couldn't have missed them.

When comedians are on podcasts they love to mention how when they were small children they listened to all these comedy records. Also, that their parents let them watch the specials of Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Steve Martin, and anyone else who is still cool these days - and they NEVER mention Gallagher and you know they saw that too. And you know they liked it and it inspired them to do comedy as well. Everyone liked Gallagher back in the day. He was so huge. He had all those specials with observational humor, thinking about things differently, fun props, the watermelons, are you fucking kidding me?! That was so cool as a kid to see this guy splash all this food on his crowd - like he's saying, "fuck you for supporting me!" It was so different and interesting and "of it's time".

But now, no one dares utter the name Gallagher for fear of seeming uncool. That is bs. It's like some embarrassing comedy stain on US history that everyone wants to think never happened. Book publishers in the US can rewrite history so that kids don't learn how their European ancestors raped and ravaged this country's land and native people, but you can't forget that Gallagher had 10 (I just looked on wiki) fucking specials in the 80s that played on TV constantly - and he toured constantly. That had to have some impact on the comedians of my generation. He was a prop comic, his material was basic, and kids got it. End of story. What is there to really be embarrassed about?

You know, whatever, who cares really... but I bet pretty soon some comic will not want to be like everyone else and will take a stand and admit that they actually watched and liked Gallagher as a kid. BUT it will be an annoying and too self-aware stand where they think by admitting their liking of Gallagher will blow people's minds. Ugh.

Also, painful memory #349: One time my parents had a lot of adult friends over at the apt in Spring Lake Lodge when we first moved to Alabama for some party/bday/whatever. I got to stick around and remember looking up at all these tall adults I'd never seen before. They started watching one of Gallagher's specials on Showtime and were drinking alcohol and laughing along. I started laughing too. Then someone angrily turned around and stared at me and said, "Why are you laughing at that?!? There is no way you could of gotten that!" I almost peed my pants out of fear and slinked out of the room quietly. Why are some adults so shitty to children. I was just trying to fit in. Anyway, what a bunch of dopes for being so into Gallagher as adults.

When I was a kid, this blew my mind. How could a young child's brain not be influenced by this in some way? I still think about the "tome-tomb" thing...

I'm not saying people need to be singing the praises of Gallagher, but NO ONE mentions him. At all. Like he never existed. Not even to make fun of anymore. I dunno, maybe that's really good thing after watching these video clips? He's kind of annoying on that giant couch.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

When's this rad new movie coming out?

Showgirls | Black Swan Trailer MASH UP from Jeffrey McHale on Vimeo.
{thanks dlisted}

Does anyone want to have Double Feature Theater Day 2010 consisting of movies about dancing women pitted against each other? We can go to Times Square and pay for Burlesque then sneak into a showing of Black Swan. Last time I did this was six years ago with Napoleon Dynamite and Fahrenheit 9/11 at the "feety smell" Pavilion in Park Slope. I think it's appropriate to see movies featuring dancing and singing in a movie complex on Broadway and 42nd. Am I right?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Less is More

I like the simplicity of the new Comedy Central logo.
However, this Flash promotional bit made me hate the fact that I have eyes:

Comedy Central Press
Comedy Central: Refreshed and Rededicated
Funny JokesUgly AmericansThe Benson Interruption

First they giveth, then they taketh away.

Oh wait, or do I only really like it cos of the similarity to the Apple power button?

Eh, who cares...I haven't listened to Queens of the Stone Age in forever...

Ghost on the Highway

Moar of Karla Spetic's photo realistic prints!
{as seen at Facehunter recently...}

I love these pics by Yvan Rodic. I love this skirt. And the back - all black - perfect.

{full set of images here.}



The PANTONE color of the year for 2011 is...
I am used to seeing wild honeysuckle around Green-Wood every summer, but it's never magenta-pink-red. I've only ever seen it white-yellow my entire life — and this yellowy color is closer to 2009's pick, PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa.


Anyway, I love thinking about honeysuckle in winter. If I could smell like any flower, it would be HONEYSUCKLE. If I could smell like any tea, it would be EARL GREY. If I could smell like any fruit, it would be STRAWBERRIES. If I could be any tree...duh, OAK.

{jk, I love weeping willows}

I would love to see this color paired up with olive green, moss green, pumpkin, and dark brown.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"I can't see through her hair"

Currently obsessed with watching European teens "do scene hair" while listening to bad music.

Ratting blonde hair reminds me of Hairspray - it's nothing our society hasn't seen before...

"They put me in Special Ed. cos of my hair!"

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just because...

...I watched a lot of TV as a kid.

I could've learned another language, but instead I have a myriad of 1980s and 90s commercials tattooed on my brain.

It's winter in NYC (though not officially until the 21st) but there were EXTENDED MOMENTS OF SNOW FALLING that sort of got stuck on cars. And if N-E-S-T-L-E-S still made Alpine White, I'd be all over it like white on Alpine White, even though I normally don't care for almond bark. I also don't care for coffee, but for the holidays I make an exception for egg nog, candy cane, gingerbread, caramel apple, and pumpkin spice artificially flavored and sweetened lattes.

Anyway, I'll always think of first seeing this chocolate bar and humming this tune while wandering the candy isle in that convenience store on the corner of Rainbow Drive and whatever road my elementary and middle school and the softball fields were on. Before practice we'd walk down the long rural road past the horse cemetery in that one house's backyard and load-up on chocolate, Salt & Vinegar chips, Gatorade, and the stinkiest Super Bubble grape and apple gum we could get our hands on.

For more Info / History / Controversy over this video, and a live (better in theory) cover by Faith No More, it's all conveniently located on this one goth blog I just stumbled across.

And speaking of white, I'm finally doing my 3 inch roots so I won't be a two-toned anymore. Maybe if all goes well I'll pull a Terri Nunn and reverse the two-tonedness.