Monday, April 18, 2011

The Day I Met Pearl Forrester

Here is my slideshow of Saturday in which a trip to Princeton, NJ, was made to see the
Cinematic Titanic Live Tour.
Meandering around the campus of Princeton University.

1922! Ivy! Puddles! Eating Clubs!

We ate a lot of fries at a nearby diner.

Here is Stephen taking in the Collegiate Gothic style architecture.

Wind and rain and me.

About to take on that sidewalk pond in the background – it's not going to wade itself.

Met and chatted with Mary Jo Pehl (and her funny husband, Ronald) before the show.

View from our great seats. The movie was The Alien Factor. One of the feature-length cheesefests that was chosen online by the New Jersey audience. We all got to experience TRACE BEAULIEU (Crow, Dr. Forrester), J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN (Tom Servo, Dr. Erhardt), FRANK CONNIFF (TV's Frank), MARY JO PEHL (Pearl Forrester), and JOEL HODGSON riff on this movie that was 70% long scenes of people walking around in the woods during winter.

Laughed till I had tears streaming down my face.

There were so many more jokes than a typical episode of MST3K. And I thought the monsters/aliens in this movie were actually frightening. If I had a dream and saw any of this, I would be freaking out for months.
This rust-colored alien monster's feet situation reminded me of a cross between the Noritaka Tatehana shoes that Lady Gaga is always wearing and those four-pronged walker things.

And here's a gif of three of the coolest / most easily entertained by a ball kids from the '70s.

AAAAAND, a submission to Fake Criterions

Best Saturday in a long time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Courtney Love is selling some of her stuff on eBay. And I love that she's doing this instead of bagging her stuff up and carting it off to INA's or Goodwill or whathaveyou. I wish more celebs did this with their fancy free shit that they no longer care about. It's publicity for them, they get their name out there, the media has another reason to mention them, write an article, etc. Anyway, I hope she sells more of her kooky Etsy and/or vintage stuff she was notorious for collecting.

Being no stranger to re-selling other people's expensive clothing and accessories on eBay due to a strange job I had a year ago, that lasted a year, that felt like infinityears where I put graphic design and everything else I loved doing on hold to sit in a warehouse in Queens and take photos, measure, research, write descriptions for, and, the fun part - collecting the items from wealthy people's closets (and getting to chat and meet with the lady clients) - it is no wonder then why I am so curious as to who is doing all that work for Courtney, and how a part of me would love to see her closets and take a month off my 9-to-5 (TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE - probably) and do this work for her - or maybe as a weekend job?

I just made a run-on single sentence paragraph, a sintegraph (or paratence). Anyway...sorry?

So I had been watching a few of the auctions as the prices seemed reasonable and reflect the consignment prices of Eva Gentry in Boreum Hill (which is a gem of a place to get designer, quality items that originally cost thousands for only a couple hundred or less - all while shopping in a beautiful boutique setting). This place makes you want to go to brunch with some lady friends, get drunk at brunch, then make with the loud, drunk, post brunch regret shopping. Of which I'm guilty of, but I end up at Target or CVS and leave with light bulbs, pet odor Fabreeze, orange blush, and seed packets for the kind of plants that would never grow on a fire escape in tiny plastic pots.

Back to Courtney Love Couture - I actually won an auction. I jokingly put in a bid and won the Givenchy shoes. And here's the thing, not a few hours after I won, I wanted to know which season they were from exactly, instead I find many photos of Kim Kardashian wearing them (one photo from two days ago was on Go Fug Yourself.) Also, this caged boot design was a popular style that got ripped-off. Not once or twice – but six known times. Ugh. I love the look, I love strappy heels. I think shoes with a lot of business going on are great to wear with a basic, one color, jersey dress. I really like that look. But now I feel I have a challenge with these shoes, like I won't want to wear them. Instead of thinking of Courtney Love, it'll be thoughts of, "these were It Shoes from a few years back, they were worn by the kind of celebs who try too hard, which equals tacky, which is probably why CL was getting rid of them."

Or the reality is that they're probably hard to walk in. Or not her size.

According to Courtney Love's blog she's been hanging out with Michael Pitt, so I'm going to imagine he has rubbed these shoes all over his junk. Or at least licked the heels. Or touched them. Or smoked all over them.

Or looked at them and agreed that she should rid herself of their heavy burden, for he is a handsome gentleman and I need a somewhat plausible fantareality dreamfever to not think of these KK images when I look at and/or wear the hell out of these Givenchy black ankle boot open toe caged sandal leather heels.
:( There is no clutch large enough to hide an ill-fitting pants situation.

Speaking of Courtney Love, my friend's fake TV show pilot, Saving Love, that aired a couple of times on Channel 101 got picked up by It's an original premise that pokes fun of CL and music and Seattle. I doubt she'll ever see it, but I'd like to think she could laugh at herself.

Hole's Live Through This is one of my all time favorite complete listen albums. Whenever an ipod breaks and I have to get a new one and fill it again with music, Hole is always on there.

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th - 15th

This week is my own personal (Jesus) DOCUMENTARY WEEK 2011. In celebration of nothing, I'm seeing a documentary every evening this week after work (except for one night, I got the ticket to Blow Out before I realized I wanted to do Documentary Week 2011). But whatever, this is my thing and I make the rules and who cares anyway.

Monday . IFC Center . Bill Cunningham New York . 2010 . Directed by Richard Press

Tuesday . IFC Center . Blank City . 2010 . Directed by Celine Danhier

Wednesday . BAM . Blow Out . 1981 .  Directed by Brain De Palma (the one not-a-doc)

Thursday . Cinema Village . American: The Bill Hicks Story . 2010 . Directed by: Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas

Friday . MoMA . America Becoming . 1991 . Directed by Charles Burnett

Number #98408 of why I live in NYC. I can do something like this – on a whim. And I hope all of these theaters still don't smell like feet or are teeming with bedbugz.