Saturday, August 27, 2011



Nice Header, Looks Like Ice Cream Soup

Slightly tempted to start following them on twitter anyway...


Got a shout-out from the Cinematic Titanic facebook page – whut whut!

Friday, August 26, 2011


First LOL of the Day


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chu-Chu on the INTERNET

Fisby got a shout-out on the Julie Klausner podcast and then was featured on her blog! The latest episode features Paul F. Tompkins - another funny person with a podcast. He was also the guest on the most recent episode of the How Did This Get Made podcast where they talked about the Smurfs movie. First off, I have tickets to his sold-out show at the Bell House that I had to get a million months back cos I knew it would sell out. Next off, for the 9-5 job I had to design this online thing (that is as detailed as I'm getting, until like, the next sentence) for that Smurf movie in which I paid $2 to buy a Photoshop filter that looked like the texture of 3D white marshmallows to replicate the look of their little hats and pants. I could've made this filter myself, but only had a day to basically create a mini-website situation. Anyway, Smurfs is a movie. I'd never watch it. I do remember watching the cartoon as a kid and I hated it when the other smurfs would catapult Brainy Smurf into the woods cos he was "too smart". This always happened around the end of the episode when one was left with the parting impression that being smart was not cool and no one will ever love you. Everytime, he would land upside down on his head by the same tree/bushes configuration with his glasses askew or cracked or something. Ugh, smurfy.

Fis has also been having fun and snacking on grass in her fire-escape-garden-backyard when it's not raining too hard.

Here she is hiding/bird-watching/neighbor-cat-spying, you can barely see her tail resting above the top right of the middle orange planter next to the solar light meant for a real yard.

She peeked-out when I called her name.