Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Naked Body Is Obscene

This kind of thinking is expected and accepted in our American society and we're just letting it happen like it's no big deal with views like this being spouted about – and on a women's blog. I love that Rebecca Watson calls out the writer on her TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT of BnN covering up this photo of Australian male model, Andrej Pejic, styled as a woman on the cover of Brooklyn's Dossier magazine.

Why U No Like Sour?

I live in a world where it's not polite or right for me to act on my gut feeling, though when I get to do that it's the most amazing feeling. So, I was just refunding some shipping on Etsy, answering an email about a listing, and renewing some expired listings when I decided to check the feedback. I dreaded doing this when I had an eBay shop and I dread it now with Etsy... and so I find this little gem waiting for me:

shipping was slow (2 wks from brooklyn to baltimore) and the price from the thrift store was still written on the bottom (kind of leaves a sour taste :/ ) but i LOVE the shoes; they are just perfect. 

"they are just perfect" doesn't make up for you being a shithead.

If I ever mail out a package that is late, WHICH IS RARE, I put in a free gift and apologize like a normal human being.

But anyway, I wanted to send this message below, but I didn't. Why continue flinging their monkey shit back at them? What good would this do? It would only justify their passive aggressiveness towards me in that complaint city testimonial they felt they had to leave to teach me (and anyone that wants to shop at my store) a lesson or whatever. Gah, some people...

Hey, just to clarify, I bought those shoes on Etsy a while back and they had the price on them from that seller - - big fucking deal. And SO WHAT, we all buy stuff from thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, find stuff in grandma's attic, for next to nothing or for free. IT HAPPENS. I KNOW YOU DO IT TOO FOR YOUR SHOP. Your message was shitty and unnecessary and by doing that, you are what makes Etsy and eBay shitty. I hope this message I am sending you creates a sinking feeling in your chest like your feedback did to mine. And I sent your package out on May 1st, I have no idea what held it up with the post office - check the Priority Mail shipping tracker for proof - did you even bother to do that? I swear, people like you... you get awesome things for next to nothing, and then you nit pick and complain. I can't imagine being you or having to be around you. But I do know this, I am sick of sitting by and letting people like you get away with this kind of bullshit.

It just felt good enough to write it out, to get it out. Now I can move on. But seriously, I am totally prepared to start calling people out on their bullshit. (And maybe prepared for their heated responses?? I AM NOT READY FOR THEIR HEATED RESPONSES.)

I am the best friend you wished you had,
that helped you be a better person by making you rad.
And this seller lives in Baltimore, now I feel bad,
Cos their life must really be sad.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I've been sick for too long. First, it was problems with allergies, probably the worst I've ever experienced that lasted a rough two weeks. Now, it's strep throat. Why do I live in this world that my body can't seem to handle? At least I feel good enough to go back to work. But don't touch me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green Eyes Pink Nose!

Monday, May 16, 2011

First Week

On Tuesday I attended a work function (Scavenger Hunt around NYC*) that involved constant FREAKOUT RUNNING AROUND all day and I don't own "real" running shoes/trainers/in-elementary-school-it-was-not-cool-to-call-them-sneakers-so-you-called-them-tennis shoes (no one played tennis). Point is, NO SNEAKERS. So I wore Converse low tops with cushiony insoles. That was not enough, and for a week I complained to anyone that my feet and legs hurt and I turned my trashcan under my desk upside down - instant ottoman. Also, I didn't keep my shoes on my feet while they were hanging out under my desk.

So here are bunch of photos of mostly flats that I wore all week due to constant feet pain. I'm keeping them all until they fall apart, but I seriously thought of burning the Converse in some sort of healing ritual - as a promise to my feet to never put them through that again. I'm sorry, feet.
*my team did not win - though we had a lot of fun and thought for sure we would at least place - we were POSITIVE then that we came in 4th (delusional).

Vintage Sperry Top-Siders loafers - Etsy shop: Put On That Dress
Thrift store lace-ups with cat socks
Vintage navy slingbacks from eBay many years ago
Friiiday, Friiiday
Vintage leather lace-ups - Etsy shop,  Lucille's Attic


Now that the weather is nice and it's warm enough to open windows, THIS is happening again, "weekly staring Chu"



Found this pic of something I ate back in April: Steak tartare with quail egg. Yum.*

*kind of looks like brains.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

May's Shoe Experiment 2011

I've been to a lot of good shows lately, I have pics, I wrote some stuff about the shows and my experiences, but instead I'm going to get rid of some shoes through a little experiment and document it here.

I have roughly 100+ pairs of shoes. 80% of them are from thrift stores and I paid on average about $4 a pair. But one time I paid around $400 for a pair of strappy sandal boots by Surface To Air (only to see Forever21 and ASOS rip off the same style about 6 months later, $20) but who cares, I still love these shoes.

So, for the rest of the month of May, I'm going to wear a different pair of shoes each day and at the end of the experiment decide which shoes to keep and which to toss (Beacon's Closet) or sell in the shop (if vintage).

Blah, blah, shoes... so typical, you're just materialistic and pathetic.

Fuck you. I'm materialistic and feminine and awesome.

Sunday, May 1, 2011