Monday, February 6, 2012

I thought the Super Bowl halftime show was fine, speaking of...


The theme for last month's Fake Criterions was Double Threats: Musicians who try to act. I thought Desperately Seeking Susan with Madonna would be a great one. I am very obsessed with Madonna's boots in this movie youhavenoidea. I really wanted to use this photo for the cover in some way cos the boots are so prominent.

I also really like this photo, it features the earrings which were the major plot point of the movie, but her elbow is cut off and therefore it's limiting to the layout I wanted to do.

So instead I used an image of one of my biggest memories I have of this movie...

This one though, is actually the first idea I came up with that screams "Criterion".

While I was looking up images to use, I found this one of a blouse she wore in the movie that went for like ten grand at some auction. Good grief. Like, where is this top now? Is someone wearing it? Is it hanging in a special garment bag in a closet among other celebrity items that a collector is hoarding? I would wear this top now, I wish H&M would copy it...along with those rhinestone boots.

Ugh, the video is flipped horizontally on youtube for some reason...anyway, I must have seen this video a million times on MTV.

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