Monday, November 26, 2012

Martin vs Martin

Saw these

Can't stop thinking about the Opti-Grab


Tidbit from Thanksgiving 2012

My 6-year old niece plays with my old Barbies when she visits grandma. All that is left of the Donny Osmond doll that made the trek from Alabama to Seattle is his head and his disco purple shredded outfit (not pictured), but what is pictured on the lower right is Malibu Ken face down in a wedding dress. Yet another thing not pictured, when Charley woke up, hopped off the bed, and Catzilla'd through Doll City.

Two days after I took that photo, I see this listing on Etsy...
seems like those Donny outfits were barely meant to last into the 2000s.

Then I see this post on dlisted - Barbies on the brain...
I had several of those white plastic pizza savers as Barbie tables/stools.