Monday, March 4, 2013

Clothes For Heroes

Getting close, MET. And I think Diana Vreeland would approve.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Back in the "oldEn Dayeax"

While I was watching this, "I'll be 90-years old at The Met and see this" was on loop in my brain.

Or I'll have it projected on my wall looping on a thin liquid spray of this new substance cultivated from meteorite bits. The liquid, called "Xhju*9llMk," IS TOTALLY SAFE, GUYS! And that will be the high art of the future. It won't cost "money" since that doesn't exist anymore. You pay by breathing into a tube installed in all "homes" much like the telephone wires and "internet" cables in the olden days. In the future, the tube sucks a certain amount of hours or weeks or years off your life, depending on what you're buying. Art isn't actually expensive anymore since everyone does it in the future, like "breathing" (into tubes), so this work of art will only cost me two hours or, as we'll soon call it, "doz lecKtroz." What DOES cost a lot of money are AOL Install CDs. I have one protected in a glass case, I'm passing it down to my grandrobots as a family heirloom.