Monday, August 26, 2013

Shop Update

Dresses just added to the shop
Silk, Cat Print, Flannel, Floral, Mini, Maxi, and Polo Dresses

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Week That Were

1. Epic post office ceiling – mailing out Etsy sales of the week
2. People creepy peeping off a peek of the High Line
3. Brooklyn Bridge love notes in Sharpie and the cars below, and below that, the East River
4. Downtown NYC view from the Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Week That Were

1. The IAC Building by Frank Gehry at night almost completely lit-up
2. Flea market on 7th Ave in Park Slope
3. On a grassy pier along the Hudson River at sunset
4. NYPL, aka the 'brary, in the West Village with the massive spiral staircase

Saturday, August 17, 2013

SHOP UPDATE: Clowns and Big Eyes

Anyone can easily start a collection of Dogs and Dudes prints.
Walls deserve some affordable art!


It's impossible to create enough gifs of one's cats. They're always there, begging to be photographed then briefly animated in Photoshop to be put into a blog post about something completely unrelated.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Here Ya Go

The most 80s tote bag ever.
Ziggy who?
Parkay what?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

House Industries + Uniqlo

Fast Actin Tinactin, it's already here!
And the fit is tight, but good for layering when autumn rolls around for two secs in October.


What it looks like when I'm adding items into Etsy and Fisby is helping.

Helper Cat™

Things On Shoes

Checked out Shoelust – it has been months since I've strolled by...

These were my favorites for the past two months:
Lipshoes   Paintshoes   Icecreamshoes   Eyeballboots   Eyeballshoes

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New In Shop

Woven leather crossbody collection just added, all under $35

Congratulations, I'm Amazed

Monday, August 12, 2013

Letters on Clothes

Back in college I was obsessed with House Industries – as was every other graphic designer. They were probably the first American font creators / typeface foundry that I became aware of. They had a slick website and some of their fonts were available for free download, so every art students projects were riddled with the tiki-signpainter-monster-retro-chalet fonts. After college, there was nothing like that first intern office job in advertising where the department bought every House font and I finally had access to thousands of dollars worth of cutting edge fonts through the shared server.

This collaboration (that my subscription to Uniqlo emails made me aware of) between the two companies is something I'm actually into, and for a nice change of pace it's catering to the ladies (especially lady graphic designers).

Anyway, I like Uniqlo's zip-up hoodies in size XS, so I hope ordering this shirt in XS won't be too small (the only size they had left – Also, while I was placing the order, the other color option disappeared from being available, YIKES! These things are going like, hotcakes t-shirts with letters on them.)

It's the alphabet over and over and over in Neutraface Slab in either Light or Medium weight. It takes on this whole other thing, a really unique pattern. This shirt will look great under short sleeve sweaters, paired up with see-through-ish cardigans, and layering with other patterns.

I bet Uniqlo will restock though, or they have a bunch in all sizes available at their IRL store locations. The wide necks look perfect, that is what really sold me on buying something without trying it on first. It's difficult to find a t-shirt that is cut to flatter a female figure, also the price is pretty great, especially for a collaboration. Nothing for the men yet. Suckers!

All of the other more colorful designs can be seen here on the House blog really easily in pairs displaying the two color choices, while on the Uniqlo ordering site, it seems to be running a bit slow. I do have 23879583 windows open though...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Week That Were

1. Discovered Sockerbit and tasted some of the best candies of my life so far. This place is on my list of West Village places to stop by on my bike. So many flavors and varieties to choose from.
2. "Neat" clouds. Felt so strongly about this, I made a gif...
3. Went to see the Moth at the Bell House with girl friends and laughed my ass off at nervous strangers and Ophira Eisenberg. It was beyond neat.