Friday, June 5, 2015

Best Mail of the Week

Awesome pins (sold-out ghosts - restock soon) from artist, illustrator, weirdo, Sara M. Lyons!

She sells on Etsy, but fuck that sniz cos she now sells new items on her own damn thing now and is on Instagram cos that's all that matters anyway. She also has a tumblr and recent post about businesses stealing artists' work –which is something I think about all the time and makes me incredibly sad, but I have an "important friend"(I have no friends) who says it's actually Ok if a really, really big company like UO or whatevs steals your art cos you can get a copyright lawyer and sue (pity for the underdog! settle out of court!) and win in these cases since it's becoming so common. Soooooooo, I'M CURRENTLY PLANNING ON PUTTING ALL MY IDEAS OUT THERE IN WWW LAND NOW IN HOPES OF BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE*.

*I will never do this, but what I did just do is sneeze where a little bit throat snot came out and landed on my couch.

Cat Daddy and Cat Lady buttons from These Are Things.
Stuntin pins. Inner Decay pin.

I have been ordering patches + pins, as if they were just created and the more I have of each will make me a better person emotionally and logically and LITERALLY. I don't know what it is exactly, but I love maximalism (ugh, that term) and I love supporting these artists and

I also really raelly really raedklkdjlly enjoy seeing the packaging these items are sent with, and These Are Things doesn't disappoint. WOW. Every time I'm so happy. It's a gift experience. And the couple behind TAT are doing the #100dayproject (google it) so every day they're offering a new "gift".

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