Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last Last Weekend

May 30th and 31st a vintage pop-up marketplace, A Current Affair, happened just down the street from me. I got a weekend pass to check out both days and was really impressed. I still can't believe over 50 vendors dealing specifically with vintage apparel came right to my doorstep in Brooklyn. I live in Sunset Park and it's one of the least gentrified neighborhoods in Brooklyn, so I was surprised such a thing happened here. Also, I was surprised to check out the area now called Industry City. It's kind of exciting, I wish it had started 10 years ago when I first moved to Sunset Park. But then if that were the case, my rent would not be so reasonable (and it was fun back in the mid-00's to sneak up on the roofs of those warehouses and take photos back when the water towers were still attached).

Anyway, from Rhiannon's Vintage I found the cross stitch fly slip-ons, and a silk Gucci floral scarf in the print I'm currently VERY OBSESSED WITH from Spanish Moss. I saw so many beautiful items both days, and if I weren't on my way out of NYC and on to living in Europe, I would hope A Current Affair returns again and again to my not-so-secretly-secret part of Brooklyn so I could look at (and buy in person) the beautiful well-curated vintage items from some of my favorite shops and sellers.

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