Friday, July 14, 2017

Hi there, I am not here anymore.

This blog was once under the domain,, then it was changed to when I started my brand (WeAreWere) and sold vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories on When finally became available, I bought that and continued to post about whatever I felt like (mostly shop updates), but felt less and less into it due to a demanding, yet very fulfilling 9-5 design career.

I have always had jobs as a designer (print design then product design for apps and vehicle UI) to pay the bills, so this was always a fun hobby. At one of my jobs I started ordering weird, rare, vintage enamel pins, patches, and buttons via eBay and had them shipped to that company's address. Other designer co-workers got in on collecting and we noticed there were people starting to make brand new enamel pins (especially emojis and memes). The new pins were hilarious and I bought so much (mostly as gifts for friends). Those early designs are still my favorite. I haven't stopped collecting or wearing all that flair.

My current pin, patch, and button collection is huge, though I'm sure it's not the largest out there. Some are cataloged here: P.I.N. Anyway, I have been threatening to create my own pins since 2014, but I got distracted by meeting and marrying the bestest person ever and moving from Brooklyn to Berlin, and now currently settled in Malta with my husband, Oskar.

WeAreWere is now my small design studio, and Candle of Her Brain is the brand offshoot of that where one can purchase collectable enamel pins, embroidered patches, and other unisex accessories that I designed. ME, my own products!

This blog will stay up, like an old diary one finds in this junk shop corner of the internet. I don't think any of the widgets work anymore, most of the links to YouTube are broken, pics are missing (Photobucket and Flickr), and my sometimes narrow/negative viewpoints have broadened/mellowed as I've become more aware of myself and the world. It's embarrassing to read at times, but it's also funny at times –and only showed a very small fraction of what I was up to at the time (2007-2015). I put this blog out in the world to represent me, and not many took notice, but it didn't matter. It was a lot of fun to be able to express myself at that time.

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